Never thought I’d look forward to doing laundry….but nowadays, when I have lots of laundry, it means at least one of our sons is home from college! As I was sorting the piles the other day, I thought, “This is actually a love language gesture from me to them.”  I love doing this for them (now).  Usually, I find new, inherited, or recycled clothing items so I ask for the story behind each. (There is always a story!) Even some stains have interesting stories behind them!

I was curious, so I asked…

Now Terrell is a rising senior and Ellison is a rising junior in college. What’s funny is that now when I’m sorting their laundry, they’ll either pick up a shirt and tell me about the event it represented or ask, “Have you come across my new Goodwill shirt?” and share the story behind it – and, of course, the price. (Yes, they like to shop there.)

Ask questions. But ask with interest and a smile. Pray, don’t pry. We can pray that God will lead us to strong communication with our child.

For three weeks this month, our whole family will be at home. My husband and I are so excited about this!  Separately and together we will pray that God will inspire our questions and use these conversations – whether they are five minutes or twenty minutes to deepen and strengthen our relationships with our children and theirs with us.

2 thoughts on “Laundry

  1. Oh, how I love reading every bit of your wisdom. This made me cry. I do loads of laundry daily now. I can't imagine how it will feel when there are not loads and loads to do. I'm SO excited about your blog!
    Ann Henley


  2. Thank you for sharing God's truth and showing us how to apply them in our “real Life” families lives.May God Bless you, especially next week on His adventure.Harriett



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