“For nothing is impossible with God.” (Luke 1.37)

The angel Gabriel said this to Mary after telling her two amazing things – her elderly relative Elizabeth, who has been barren all her life, is 6 months pregnant and she (Mary) is going to bear the Son of God.  Mary, a teenager, believes.  She believes this is God’s messenger and she believes God can do all this.  She believes that nothing is impossible with God.

Do we?

I know that I want to believe like this.  I pray for God to grow my faith in Him that I will believe like this. What seems impossible to you right now regarding any of your children? God already knows before you say it.  

Elizabeth probably struggled with the humiliation of being barren as a wife and later accepting that motherhood was not to be her experience.  Mary probably dreamed of being a mother after she married, not before.  Not to mention she had to flee her hometown because the king wanted to kill her baby.

Their lives took turns that neither of them saw coming.  They trusted God.

And neither could have anticipated the blessings God had in store for them through their circumstance.

As circumstances arise or linger for us, for our child, in our relationship with our child… what will we do?

When I try to handle “it” by taking matters into my own hands, I usually say or do things that I regret;  I waste a lot of hours with distracted thought;  and/or I focus on the negative possibilities.  UGH!!  When will I learn?!

Entrust God with every thought, every concern, every desire. Continually invite Him into it.  In the end, and along the way, we will see His faithfulness.

One thought on “Believing

  1. OMW! I have needed this for the past few weeks. I am going through the beginning of the middle school sass. It drives me crazy with all the sarcasm and everything else. I MUST remember this verse. Think I will tape it to my bathroom mirror to remind me every day!



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