Saying Goodbye

We’re moving…to another city.
We’ve known for a little while.  This is our third such move.  The hardest part is saying goodbye to the people we love.  I dread it terribly.  So I can’t write about that part yet!

Recently, I was wiping down some kitchen cabinets, and out of nowhere a flood of memories in this room hit me.  I just sat on the floor and cried, remembering special times, funny times, dear conversations – both with our family and with friends.  And then I thanked God for His goodness.

Before we move, I’ll go to each room of the house.  It’s not depressing; it’s actually a tender time.  The memories come as I sit in a room and reflect.  I remember challenges, laughter, milestones, stretching, tears of joy and tears of pain and more.  And then I thank God for all of it and His presence and faithfulness through it.

While our kids were home for Christmas, we reminisced – leading them to reflect and mark this time…and say goodbye.

It brings closure. Acknowledging an end, in order to turn toward embracing a beginning that the Lord is bringing.

A while back a friend of mine moved, from one neighborhood to another.  The family was excited, but also sad.  I suggested this same process for them.

Change isn’t bad, but change involves loss.  We benefit by processing the loss, what is ending, with the Lord

Do you have a change that has recently happened in your life?  …a job change, a relationship change, a health change…
Is your child experiencing a change?   …a school change, a friend ‘change’, a final sport season, the end of a particular activity…

When we invite the Lord into our change, He reminds us of His faithfulness thus far, and gratitude is stirred in our heart.  Then as we turn toward moving forward, or we encourage our child to move forward, we’ll embrace hope because we know God will go before us and be with us.

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