When our boys were preschoolers, learning to share was our hot topic.  Terrell would either claim that a toy was his or say that he needed it as he took it from Ellison.   Ellison, who thought his older brother hung the moon, wanted whatever his brother had and would attempt to take it any chance he got – to discover what was fascinating his hero. 

Often on the following day Terrell would say to Ellison, “I’m playing with the truck by myself,” or Ellison would dash to get the toy that was Terrell’s favorite the day before and go play with it in a private place.  The boys were demonstrating that their hurt, anger or impatience could accumulate – even as preschoolers!  

Forgiveness is at the heart of the gospel.  Grasping its importance and practicing it (ourselves and with our children) is important.  Our “opportunities” to teach, train and practice with our children begin when they are very young.  (Oh, boy!)  It’s easy to get tired, discouraged, and frustrated with how quickly our children might repeat the same offense or not want to forgive or not want to ask forgiveness!  Plus, “practicing” forgiveness takes so much time!  God knows the challenge we are facing – and He wants to help us FACE it.
 Many sibling relationships are built upon unresolved hurts.  Broken relationships begin to be restored through acts of forgiveness.  Someone needs to seek it, and someone needs to give it.  Until this happens, both people relate to each other out of their woundedness or hardened emotions. 

“The tongue has the power of life and death…” (Proverbs 18.21)  Words of forgiveness are words of life.  But these words don’t come naturally to us.  They must be taught. 


One thought on “Forgiveness

  1. Amen, sister! There are so many hurts in this world…real and imagined. I have found that for me, forgiveness was a way to go on with life. Otherwise those that hurt you may not even know OR care that you are hurt. And while you are wallowing in that hurt, they are oblivious. If you forgive, you can go on…what a blessing!!



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