Being a Mom


Being a mom is not about glamour.  It’s not about attention being given to us.  It’s not about outward recognition.

Being a mom is about humility:  We will not have all the answers; we will always be on a learning curve; and we will make mistakes.

Being a mom is about selflessness:  We will put our children’s needs before our own because they are dependent on us, and we are responsible for them.  

Being a mom is about sacrifice:  For a season we will give up things we may have enjoyed before we had children and we will have to say no to some opportunities that arise because we are first committed to raising our children.
Being a mom is about grace:  We will need to draw on God’s grace frequently because on our own, our strength tank will empty and we’ll need His grace to be who He knows we can be.
Being a mom is about quiet reward:  When we see our children growing in the Lord, when we see them respond to our love and discipleship, when we see them becoming the person of character that God has created them to be.

And being a mom is about blessing beyond what this world sees as valuable:  When we know the wonderful and tangible love of our children and that immeasurable inner peace that we are aligned with our God who loves us so much.

There is no substitute for a mother.  It’s one of God’s highest callings. 

3 thoughts on “Being a Mom

  1. Happy Belated Mother's Day to you Teresa! Miss you and know that I treasure your God-given wisdom that you pass down to us Moms that are behind you on this road of motherhood. Thank you, Laura and Teresa, for posting me and my baby on this blog. What an honor!



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