Small Gestures…Large Deposits

What does your child, or each of them, need today?  Ideas may come to mind, based on recent conversation or observation.  But God knows. And He wants to use us as His vessels.

Your child may be asleep in the crib, at daycare or with the sitter while you work, at school, sitting next to you or many miles away.  Yours may be an infant, a teenager, a young adult or 40+.  Your last words may have been sweet, ugly, corrective, resulted in laughter – or in tears.

But today …  How does God want to use you in his or her life?

A warm smile or a long hug.   a stream of silent prayer on their behalf.   a gesture of humility.   a sweet treat.   a love note.   an act of service.   a phone call, voicemail, email or text expressing love, encouragement, admiration or gratitude.   focused time.   a favorite meal.

Ask Him.  “Lord, you know my child’s heart.  Please show me.”  Pause a moment or ponder for a while.  He’ll answer.  What we give our child is our response to God, to what we think His leading is.  He knows how we’re trying.  He wants to grow our conversation with Him as He grows our relationship with our child.

“… remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.”  (Acts 20.35)

I would LOVE to hear what you’ve felt prompted to do!  When you share, I am so blessed – and so are other moms!

4 thoughts on “Small Gestures…Large Deposits

  1. Teresa, thanks for the encouragement. We went to Columbia yesterday to bring home Yazzy’s futon, fridge and large items… As she is in the middle of exams, we wanted to do something special for her and Nora. We prepared a picnic and enjoyed it together on the USC horseshoe lawn. It was a blessed time. It brought back memories of special picnics, not a grand meal but a simple fun time together enjoying time with one another. The Lord bless you and your beautiful family this day and always. Love, Teresa


  2. Thanks, Teresa! That’s an encouragement to those of us whose children are all grown with families of their own. “What we give our child is our response to God…” I love that thought!



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