“Give me strength, Lord!”

Give me strength, Lord!

Have you ever said this?  I have.  I’ve moaned it—exhausted, discouraged, at a loss for what to do, or feeling helpless.  Or, I’ve cried out, “Give me strength, Lord!!!”  because I’m at my wit’s end, angry, feeling defeated, completely outdone with someone – or 2 someones – or a circumstance… You get the idea.

It took me years to realize how much I depended on my self, not the Lord.   When my “pool of strength” was drained, THEN I asked God to fill me up.  My heart’s attitude was more like “God, I’m really wiped out now. I have nothing left in me so please give me some of Your strength.”  While I know God delights whenever we come to Him, I saw my pride – I thought I was strong – while all along God was meeting my needs without my asking because He loves me.

Thankfully, our heavenly Father will take what we have to offer Him because He knows what’s going on inside us.  To Him, each time we “step in” to initiate conversation with Him, we take a step in His direction, in the right direction.  He will draw near.  He’ll respond and give us what only He knows we really need.

“My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”  (Ps. 73.26)

I’ve been reading back and forth between 1 Samuel and the Psalms. David goes through so much – rejection, isolation, betrayal, harassment, being attacked, being misunderstood and loss!  He doesn’t seem to have much “down-time,” but he sure makes time to talk with the Lord, expressing how he feels about his circumstance but also praising God frequently.

He thoroughly believes that God is THE source for strength.  Not his own physical condition or self-determination, not weapons and how he handles them, not  the support of the mighty men of valor whom he’s hanging out with.  He completely counts on God as his strength.  The Lord yearns to give His strength to us in abundance.

“Blessed be the LORD! For he has heard the voice of my pleas for mercy. The Lord is my strength and my shield; in him my heart trusts, and I am helped; my heart exults, and with my song I give thanks to him.”  (Ps.28.6-7)

As parents, we want to give to our children in ways that strengthen them.  We want to meet their needs.  Plenty of times they won’t ask or admit need, but we’ll give encouragement, give a hug to demonstrate love or assurance, give support, give assistance, or give companionship. Imagine if our teen, our five-year-old, our 20-something age child asked for these!

Mommy, will you give me encouragement today?  
Momma, please give me your love and assurance.  
Mom, will you give me your companionship today?
Mommmm! I really need your help with this relationship today!

How would we respond?!  Some of us would cry first, of course, tears of gratitude.  All of us would JUMP at the opportunity to give to our children ALL that we know would bless, help, and prepare them for life.

Our heavenly Father wants to give to us this way, only more so, more than we can imagine.  He faithfully meets our needs daily, yet how much more blessing might we know – when we ask?  Believing expectantly like David?

Lord, I don’t want to do things in my own strength, my own determination or will.  I want to  live every day empowered by Your strength.  Please give me Your strength, and help me remember to keep asking.

2 thoughts on ““Give me strength, Lord!”

  1. Thank you, Teresa, for reminding me that I can always ask for help. I tell my kids every day to not whine but to ask me for help, and I will gladly help them. How much more does our Father want us to ask Him for help! I need to be reminded not to whine but ask for help,



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