Hidden In Plain View


“I’ve already done one lap.”

I had just joined Ellison in the Bed, Bath and Beyond store. NOT his kind of store, but he had a gift receipt and wanted to use it before he moved to Mississippi. I was excited that he let me tag along.

“I’ve already done one lap.”

He did not mean, ‘I’ve done a lap, I’m warmed up, let’s do some shopping!’ He meant “I’ve given this place a lap of my time; I’ve checked it out. Let’s do this – select and go.”

I laughed, enjoying my son.

I HEARD him. I appreciated what he meant.
He’s moved now, but his words echo and my heart smiles. I only wish I knew years ago what I know now…


We place our children in a setting. They express themselves through words, attitude or conduct. And so often, we react. Why?

Because they’re not being who want them to be right now.

Attempting to climb from the shopping buggy or wrestle free of our hand (toddler version)
“How much longer???” – sounding like a plea for mercy. (young child version)
“I’m staying in the car.” (adolescent peaceful demonstration approach)
“How about if you use the gift receipt and give me the money?” (the teenage twist)
….. “I’ve already done one lap.”

Sometimes my expectations were age appropriate. And when necessary, correction fair.
But sometimes I was wrong.

I think that had I listened, I would have learned _ more.
I know I would have enjoyed many moments _ more.
Appreciated each child’s effort to express … and then moved forward from there.

Look at their face, tune in to their tone, consider their age and stage of life.
Momentarily stand in both worlds – theirs and ours – for perspective to move forward.
Seek God’s perspective. It’s always available.

Learn to decipher what they’re not saying with words, but showing.
Learn what God is showing us – about our self, our child, HIM, and our 3-way relationship.
Learn to love our child deeply where he is. For this is how God loves us.

…because some of the greatest treasures are hidden in plain view.

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