The Invitation in Music

DSC01196Our family loves music. Our tastes vary and overlap.

When our children were little, Christian children’s music entertained them during car rides and trips. Singing with their chins raised high like baby birds, their interpretations of the songwriter’s words made me smile.

As they got older, their preferences broadened. Some days our home sounded like we were hosting 3 distinctly different concerts. Opinion readily hijacked what used to be easy-listening. Car rides carried a similar atmosphere.

“Oh, turn that up!”
“I can’t stand that song.”
“Mom, she picked the last song!”
“You’re weird if you like that.”

DSC01193 Still, we continued to intentionally introduced our kids to a variety of Christian music. Between rolling their eyes and moaning like it hurt their ears, the kids discovered artists they liked—music that moved them to worship.

Songs of worship strengthen us to hope. Inspire us to persevere. Break through grey clouds that sometimes hover over our heart. Remind us of who God is and draw us to know Him more.

Music invites us

…. to think more deeply as words wash over our mind and heart.

…. to participate, with a chorus of individuals-around-the-world who also listen or sing driving around town running errands, cleaning house or exercising.

…. to pause, listen and receive what God intends for us in these moments.

…. to worship, to believe the words about God. To know Him, more.


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