Giving Thanks Before We Have the Outcome

IMG_0463One Sunday about 30 minutes before the worship service, 3 little girls walked over to me as I finished putting out name tags and pens.

“Can we help you?” Wishing I had even 1 small task, I admitted I was finished.
“But, I’m getting ready to sit over here and pray to Jesus for a little while. Would you like to pray with me? I’d really like that.”
With a shrug of their little shoulders and a nod, all 3 said, “Sure.”

Between you and me, on the inside I was surprised, thrilled and honored.

“Okay, I’m gonna pray for our church and the people. You can, too, or pray for anything you want to pray for.”

IMG_0462Sharing a bench in the back of the church, not a second passed before each one prayed a desire on her heart. Taking turns to hear each other, we prayed for almost 15 minutes. A few times I peeked, humbled by their serious faces and closed eyes.

Passion. They believe Jesus with a passion. At the ages of 5, 7 and 9.

The 5 year-old made an additional impression on my heart. Rhythmically kicking her feet back and forth, her every request began with “Thank you, God”.
“Thank you, God, please heal my sister.”
“Thank you, God, please help the man walking down the road.”
“Thank you, God, please bring all the people.”

I won’t soon forget that precious 15 minutes.

These littlest disciples reminded me:  Remember Who I’m praying to.  Believe Who He is. With faith, thank God.  He always gives us His best.


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