Peeking in Prayer, Glimpsing Glory

IMG_0747Images of all sorts provide memory of the days surrounding Terrell’s heart attack. Thankfully, powerful evidences of God going before us all along the way eclipse the scary images.

One beautiful picture imprints my heart. Before our kids left the hospital for the night, we gathered around Terrell to pray for him. Kneeling and standing, we held Terrell and each prayed for him, thanking and praising God. Briefly, I opened my eyes. To see our kids bowed to their heavenly Father, asking and trusting him to complete the work of Terrell’s healing overwhelmed my heart. O God, what you’ve done… O God, what you’ve given us.

My weary heart soared with quiet joy. “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” (3 John 1.4)

God has done it. Grown and shaped their hearts.

Over a lot of years, I’ve had the privilege to partner with God to follow his leading to raise them with Terrell. You have this privilege, too. In each parent-child relationship, God is always at work in both of us. He grows 2 hearts and shapes 2 wills. As he refines us, he guides us in shaping our children.


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