Motivated By Love

DSC00140You’re so patient with me, God. I’ve thought this countless times over the years. Each humbling experience leads me to one overwhelming realization: You really do love me a lot. 

Have you ever had that feeling? We’re speechless because we don’t deserve this love, yet we’re so glad and relieved and grateful and in awe…

“…for God is at work in you, both to will and to work for his good pleasure.” (Philippians 2.13)

God is at work –
…through the circumstances of our life.
…through the instruction he provides us in his Word.
through our relationships.
…through purposes he has given to us.

As a mom and as a woman, all of God’s work in and through us is for his good pleasure. His motive is love. As we raise our children and build relationship over the years… what is our motive? Our motive influences our approach, attitude, effort and decisions.

DSC00135To live for Christ means our motive is love for God.

To love our child best, we want to love God most. To love God most, pursue relationship with him. The more we know him, the more we learn how loved we are.

The day we meet our child, loves swells in our heart. We don’t generate this love. God pours it in, filling a place in us that he made to be filled with his love. He gives us his love with which to love our child – the same love with which he loves us.

Parenting is hard work. Building this relationship over the years can be challenging. Always, God is working his purposes in and through both our hearts. In this awesome love, we follow the one who loves and leads us.


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