The Best Time To Pray

DSC01042Are you tired?
Do you have a significant decision to make?
Is big change around the corner – or happening right now?
Is an issue overwhelming you?

“Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you. (James 4.8a)

This is the answer – every day and for every matter. Go to God.

Say what you’re thinking TO GOD. Relationship builds through time spent together and sharing.

God is every where you are, so talk to him there. . . As you fold the laundry or unload the dishwasher, taking a walk, driving to or from work, as you go up or down the stairs, in the carpool line, or sitting in the bleachers watching your child. 

DSC01631The ordinary day commands that we engage with our children, adults, our job, and other responsibilities. God knows this. Still, he says move close and he will move close.

What happens as we draw near?
We move closer to the One who loves us more than anyone on earth. We demonstrate we choose him over all our thoughts and everybody else.

What happens when God draws near?
He loves – He holds our heart and calms our fear.
He pours peace – The Prince of Peace fills our hollows with calm.
He responds – He meets us where we are, hopes we’ll stay real close, and helps us to follow his way.
He helps us pray – He fills our heart with his will, with what he knows is best.

Dear God, Help me move closer to you and experience your nearness even more. Please prompt me to pray throughout the day. Amen.


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