Faith to Expect God’s Faithfulness

IMG_0474Yesterday at my local YMCA, I sat at a machine determined to lift the weight 20 times. To my left was a couple, probably in their late 30’s. The man stood and faced the woman who was seated to perform the weight machine’s motion. (I don’t know what 99% of the machines are called, or I would name it for you.) He quietly encouraged her, not looking away from her face. I glanced to see that she was trying to move 20 lbs multiple times. “Aw, sweet,” I thought as I pushed my machine’s bar back and forth. Then they switched places, and she stood to face him as he adjusted the weight to a much higher amount. The woman’s eyes were locked on him, as though she was reading his face. Then she pointed up toward a wall. My eyes followed, to read “faith.” Again softly, he replied, “Yes, I pray every time. It’s the only way I can do this.”

Okay, wow. Wow. 

His focus is not merely on what he can or cannot do. His focus is God and what God can do. “It’s the only way…” He involves his walk with God in lifting weights.

IMG_0475Imagine if we invited God in to more of the ordinary segments of our day. He’s given us abilities and strength to use throughout our day; he’s with us always – so, what’s different about inviting him? Well, when we invite a friend to join us, we’re aware of her presence and are intentionally present to her. When we invite God, our awareness of his presence is affected, and he responds to our mustard-seed faith step. Our heart says, I want you to be with me, and I want to be more aware of you.

Each prayer is a step of faith to believe God. He waters our mustard seed and grows our faith to expect his faithfulness.
. . . “God, bless our time in the car together. . . Please give us a fun and intimate time around the supper table tonight. . . Help me stay alert in this meeting; I’m exhausted.”

Imagine if our children witnessed this . . .
“As we drive to tennis camp, God, help Sam remember to drink water and help him learn the stroke that he’s frustrated about.”
“Please bring Frannie a friend to play with at the pool today.”
“Lord, as Mark interviews, give him your peace and your words to say.”

IMG_0445Imagine if they prayed like they see and hear us pray.
Imagine God’s glory.

Talking with God settles in our soul and becomes more frequent as our relationship with him deepens, as we know him better. A great way to know him better is to pray. The more we practice talking to God, the more we will talk to God. The more we talk to God, the more we experience him. The same is true for our children.

Dear God,
Help us seek to know you better. Thank you for strength and courage to take steps in faith to invite you in to the ordinary segments of our day. Amen.


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