Just For You!

I am so excited to share this with you!! Today I launched my first-ever podcast!  It hasn’t really hit me yet.

Since you so kindly share your inbox with me, I want to share with just you some of the story behind it.

After promoting the audiobook for Becoming A Peaceful Mom, I began to think and pray about what next.  I have more to share from the years of raising our three children, but I wasn’t sure how. Then the podcast idea surfaced. The only thing was, I knew nothing about podcasts.  I began to listen to a few until one day I just knew it was time to step in to this.  I reached out to Leah Jarvis, an amazing virtual assistant, who has patiently led me through this process.

And what.a.process. I whined more than I want to admit—when I didn’t understand Garageband or re-recording my bloopers or not being able to figure out how to do something.  I ate lots of comfort food when anxious thoughts invaded, like I don’t know what I’m doing!! What if no one listens to it? Are there already 10 million podcasts out there with the same message?  I cried when sweet memories or faithful redemptions by God filled my podcast draft.  I cheered out loud when I completed each step… and maybe I jumped up and down a couple of times, too.  And I prayed with all sorts of emotions because I’m so grateful that I get to do this, even though I have a feeling that all those emotions that I just described are going to surface again. And that’s okay with me.

This podcast is about learning in simple steps how to participate with God as he shapes your child, shapes you, shapes your relationship with a child, and helps you connect your child to him. God helps us learn to walk with him as he leads us through a day and each season of raising our kids. We learn to rely on God — as we practice relying on him.

This is for moms and dads! And it’s for all the years of raising our kids. I hope that you are encouraged by it—and that you will share it will other parents who could use some encouragement.  Just go to teresadglenn.com/podcast!

You encourage me more than you know. Thank you.


4 thoughts on “Just For You!

  1. Oh Teresa… I am simply thrilled that you are doing this. Your message needs to get out in all and every way possible. You have so much to share and do it so beautifully! I listen to podcasts every day on my walks and I think this is a great way to reach more people. Bless you dear friend as you have persevered to do it! Many will be blessed.



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