Simple Steps Podcast

Episode 3 – Make a Face That Counts

Sometimes we worry that we’re not loving a child enough, or we don’t feel like we have anything left to give because we’re exhausted. One way we can demonstrate love to our child at any age is through facial expressions. They can support or represent our words—or not. Listen in for 2 questions about your facial expressions.


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Episode 2 – Security Check

Here are 3 questions that I learned to consider over the years of raising our kids. They served as a “security” check and helped me discern how a child felt about herself and how I could impact this.



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Episode 1 – Keep Your Tank Full

Our child’s behavior, decisions, and friend choices are affected by how he feels about himself. As parents, we significantly impact his sense of security, worth, and being loved. We need the power and completeness of God’s love most—whether we’re toddlers, tweens, teens, or adults.



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