Being Mom

I’ve been musing over some of the daily occurrences or “events” of being a mom.  They’re non-“events” to the general public, but they fill our thoughts, our minutes and hours.

Things like …

Listening – to excitement, whining, laughter, fighting, imagination being played out, heartache, excuses, and musical instrument practice!

Figuring out – what a particular cry means, what word they’re trying to say, what they like to eat, a consequence to give, a gift to give, how to get everyone where they need to be, how to get everyone together, and all things pertaining to adolescence!

Pondering a conversation – that we had, intend to have, or don’t want to have with our child.

Late nights – helping with homework, driving home from out of town ball games, waiting on someone to come home, or enjoying that late night call from an older child who wants to share or needs to vent.

“All-nighters” – with a sick child, worrying over a child, praying for a child.

“Firsts” – the practice that led up to them! That first step, mastering a spoon, saying words, being potty trained, reciting rhymes and songs, volunteering “thank you” “please” or “I’m sorry”

Unexpected joys – an offer to help, hearing “I love you”, hugs and kisses, asking for our opinion or advice,  sharing their heart – an idea, a dream, a struggle, their faith in Jesus.

These daily “events” exhaust us, elate us, perplex us and lead us to be better.  Each one matters to us (even when we say we don’t care) … because we love our child.

They’re priceless, though many don’t feel that way at the time, because through them we learn about our selves, our child and how to walk with God.  Each is a reminder that God sees in us the capability to love our child in and through whatever comes.  For He appointed us.  The LORD called us to be moms.

What an incredible honor.

“… in your book were written every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them.” (Psalm 139.16b)

4 thoughts on “Being Mom

  1. Hi Kit! Some seasons are really hard, aren’t they. I always felt like I was as glad as the kids were – when exams were over! I’m so glad to hear from you; I really appreciate your commenting.


  2. Thank you for the reminder of what a blessing it is to be a mom, even when we are struggling through teenage years and exams!


  3. Hi Edith,
    You are so right! The longing never ceases. And the briefest contact from one of them never fails to thrill my heart. Thank you for commenting; it means alot.


  4. The visual representations of selecting a dandelion is so appropriate. We nurture and care for our children through many stages of life … even adulthood … but the longing to interact with them never ceases. What joy it brings to our hearts for the telephone to ring and hear a familiar voice, “Hi, Mom … hope you are fine.” The rewards are many from such a simple call … the longings also become many as the years role along with the press of other responsibilities in our children’s lives.



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