Just Today

DSC02333Some days I find myself sighing before I get out of the bed, aware of all the stuff that’s somehow supposed to happen in this day.

The reality is some items for the day, I placed there. Like…

…6 months ago when the receptionist asked if this date works for all 3 children to have their teeth cleaned.
…that monthly meeting for that commitment I made a year ago.
…tackling another inch of a stack of to-do’s on the kitchen counter.
…some form of exercise, to expend a layer of the stress bubbling within.
…every practice, rehearsal, ceremony, game, recital, meeting that I approved when my child asked if he or she could participate.
…just-scheduled-today doctor, counselor or teacher appointments.
…a coffee date with a friend I haven’t connected with in months.

For many of us, much of this is squeezed in before and after work.

DSC02309An equal reality is that some items are a given, part of the blessing and privilege of being a mother. Like…

…l.a.u.n.d.r.y. Thankless, often. Fun, no. A selfless act of giving that will one day be appreciated when they have to do it, yes!
…meal times. Stressful, a definite possibility. A daily opportunity for our children to grow to experience FAMILY as a great value, for sure. (Hang in there!)
…that unexpected, not-really-convenient moment when a child talks seriously or intimately. It turns out to be the BEST moment-ever for this day, one that we’ll recall as our head hits the pillow that night and we thank God for this sweetest gift of it, always!

DSC02310“Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.” (Proverbs 16.3)

Those things we want to do, think we should do or have made commitments to others to do – entrust these to the Lord. Invite Him to show us His desire.

Are these commitments that He desires for us at this time?
Are these commitments that He desires for our child at this time?

He promises to establish our plans. That is, the plans that He has for us at this time.

All of our life is not right now. All of our child’s life is not right now.

Holy God,
As I enter this month of May, help me see the blessings of each day. Your confirmations of commitments I’ve made that align with your will. But also, help me see those that don’t. Thank you for how you love me through my learning. Please strengthen me to present commitment considerations to You, as many opportunities will turn my head. I love you. Amen.

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